Immigration and Visa.

You don’t need to go to the Immigration Bureau.We would like to help foreign nationals enter Japan with no problems.We go to the Immigration Bureau to apply for the procedures instead of you.We help foreigners enter Japan.

Procedures for Entry, Residence and Registration
Extension of Period of Stay, Change of Status of Residence and Re-entry Permit into Japan
Procedure for Special Permission for Residence
Application for Visa, Permanent Residence and Naturalization
Procedures for International Marriage Registration
Procedures for International Divorce

English Translation

We would like to assist you in drawing up your English contract regarding trade.

English to Japanese & Japanese to English Translation Service

Medical Interpreters Dispatch

We dispatch medical interpreters.

Medical interpreter dispatch

Website for cell-phones Medical interpreter dispatch

Matters in Japan

We are pleased to provide you with precise advice on your matters regarding the following:

Legal Problems
Problems of Work
Status of Residence
Establishing a Company
Pregnancy and Childbirth
Domestic Violence
Child Care and Children's Welfare
Nationality of Children
Education of Children
Criminal Matters in which you are involved
Traffic Accidents

Legal Advice

We are capable of supplying domestic corporations and overseas enterprises with accurate advice on legal matters.

Problems between International Companies
Problems for international students who want to study

We are an immigration lawyer office which has been approved by the Ministry of Justice in Japan. We are able to assist you by conducting complicated procedures by applying to the Immigration Bureau for you. We give you an estimate free of charge.